2XMiner.eth5% Daily ROI

Ethereum's first passive income miner using ENS domains! The smart contract address has been assigned to a human-readable domain address. Our goal is to make Web3 easy and accessible for all.

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0.00 ETH

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  • 0.000 ETH
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Contract Details

  • Daily ROI
  • Min Investment
  • Max Investment
  • Max Profit
  • Cycle Period
  • Deposit Fee
  • 5%
  • No Min
  • No Max
  • 200%
  • 40 Days
  • 6%

How to Invest

1. Send any quantity of ETH (ERC-20) to 2XMiner.eth to start earning rewards immediately.

2. Send "0" to 2XMiner.eth to claim all available ETH rewards.

Do not send ETH from your centralized exchange wallet. The smart contract cannot send rewards back to these addresses.

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Simple & Easy

Send ETH to 2XMiner.eth to start earning

Ethereum Name Server (ENS) allows users to invest crypto using a human-readable website address. Simply transfer ETH to the contract address (2XMiner.eth) to start earning 5% daily ROI.



The smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain provides a safe, secure, and transparent way to invest and monitor the status of your funds.
How to Invest

How to Invest

Using your decentralized wallet (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc.) send ETH to 2XMiner.eth. The smart contract will automatically start generating your rewards. To claim your earnings, simply send an empty transcation to 2XMiner.eth and your profit will be sent back to your wallet.
Cycle Period

Cycle Period

By the end of the cycle period, the smart contract will have accumulated 200% profit from your initial depost. Earnings can be claimed at anytime during the 40 day cycle.


Additional deposits can be made at any time and will have their own Cycle Period of 40 days. There is no limit to how often you may add to your initial deposit.

All rewards are currently generated from downstream deposits. Rewards will be available to claim from the smart contract for as long as the ETH balance remains above zero. Please DYOR and invest responsibly.


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